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Having grown up on a farm, from a young age, Don Yeoman was around equipment. While still in high school he obtained a fixed wing single engine pilots license with the goal of flying as a career. When that didn't work out he was drawn back to equipment and worked as engine crew running locomotives, drove semi-truck, bought and cut up railroad cars to sell for scrap, repaired pallets for resale and began a sales related career.

In the early 80's he began an association with the Kenworth truck dealership in Columbus, OH. For 4 years he worked in the parts department and then transferred into Class 8 truck sales for another 9 years. After that he went to the Columbus Freightliner dealership where he spent another 16 years in truck sales and management. For 5 years of that time he was dedicated to the custom sleeper market....."large cars" that are all self contained with showers, toilets, sinks, microwaves, dinettes w/fold down beds, large generators, etc. 

In 2012 he agreed to help out a Lakota horse trailer dealership for their Quarter Horse Congress show in the month of October.......this ended up being a 6 year run in sales and sales dept. management of mostly living quarters horse trailers.

Now being "semi" retired Don extends his time and experience as a connector for small to medium size businesses....................... "Connecting Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems".  These include buyers & sellers of all kinds of equipment plus various "outside the box" type services geared to helping business owners be more profitable, improve cash flow and have access to needed capital & financing.

Married for 50 years, family and faith is an important part of his life.

Don brings a wealth of experience and information to the table.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive and be more profitable.

                                                                                Isaiah 9:6

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