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                                                                    Equipment Asset Management
Managing assets can be a daunting task at times with different options to consider depending on what the equipment/asset is. Some businesses have ready made outlets waiting for their equipment, some will advertise and hope for the right buyer to come along and see it for sale, some utilize dealers and trade the equipment and yet others utilize auctions.

Yeoman Enterprises, LLC  dba CM101 Equipment Ohio brings another option to the table for those wanting to realize as much revenue as possible from their asset, but do not want to do the marketing of the equipment themselves. We will help obtain fair market valuations to begin with. Once the decision has been made to list the equipment with us we will obtain pictures and specifications, advertise nationwide, handle inquiries from interested potential buyers and coordinate full funding for the business owner. Possession and control of the equipment remains with the seller until payment is received and title (if applicable) is transferred. We bring sellers and buyers together by utilizing our years of past experience while sellers do what they do best, operate their businesses.

Regardless of which method is used, periodically equipment has to be moved on for various reasons.  Millions of dollars worth of equipment is sold and bought each the old saying "one persons junk is another persons treasure".



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