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This site is dedicated to the hard working, risk taking, sacrificing men and women that work each & every day to provide products & services for consumers across the country. The ideas and services contained herein are each a little bit outside the box of normal.......(hence "Connecting Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems") and designed to save business owners time and/or money or both. As you check out what we offer feel free to refer others that could benefit from any of these services.


In these unprecedented times most businesses are looking at ways to reduce expenses and/or increase bottom line cash flow. Each of our services can help do that in unique ways.  Let us know how we can serve you.

Equipment Asset Management

Connecting sellers and buyers of all types of commercial equipment.....trucks, trailers, construction, agricultural, specialty, etc.

Do you accept credit cards?

Improve cash flow by eliminating up to 95% of merchant fees!


Healthcare for small business.....

Check this out if you're tired of rising costs, high deductibles, pre-existing condition exclusions, etc.........

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