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                                                                                              Business Capital

Every business has one thing in common.........they need cash flow and access to capital in order to operate. There can be peaks & valleys in the way that cash comes in. In the meantime, cash has to go out to obtain needed inventories, payrolls, maintenance expenses, debt load and a ton of other reasons depending on the type business. 

If or when that supply of capital slows up or dries up give us a call. When the banks say no, we may be able to say yes. Anywhere from $10,000 to $1M (or possibly more) with no collateral requirement.

Minimums for approval include the following.....

$100k annual revenues

4+ months in business with bank statements to support that time

Owners FICO score of 500 minimum

Once approved, the money is obtained very quickly (approvals sometimes within a day or two and funding within a week are possible) and can be used for whatever the business owner decides. Use it to fuel growth, take advantage of an opportunity or get through a pinch just to name a few uses.

In these unprecedented times.....we recommend checking with your bank or current lender and/or applying for the SBA help that has been released. If they say no or are going to take too long or require too much.....give us a call as another option. We have a team ready to serve and our process is always a "free application with no obligation" and "one stop best offer" meaning that we work with the top lenders in the alternative lending space and you can have confidence that the offer you receive is the best available......this saves you time and money calling around and never really knowing if you found the best deal for your business.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

                                                         Equipment Financing

When purchasing equipment of any type keep us in mind. With lenders that will consider as low as 500 scores and terms from 24 to 60 months we can structure a payment that should fit most needs.

* Medical

* Construction

* Industrial

* Trucking

* Agricultural

* Restaurant

* Office

* New/Used

Call us now to discuss what you are looking to purchase and how we can help make it happen for you.









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